2023 IANWC Board Elections update

Assalamualakum wa RahmatUllah,

Further to our earlier correspondence dated July 21st, 2023 regarding the announcement of IANWC Board members election 2023. Following six persons were declared eligible candidates to contest the election. None of them withdrew his nominations.

    1- Arshad Mahmood
    2- Mahboob Ahmad
    3- Azad Abulkalam Mohammad
    4- Qaiser Kayani
    5- Irshad Hasan
    6- Muhammed Arshad Rashid

Since we were having six vacant seats, and only six contestants came up, consequently all six persons mentioned above are being declared successful. No election will be held on July 30,2023.

May Allah SWT help the new board members in fulfilling their duties and accept their efforts in serving the community and showers His blessings on them. Ameen.

If you have any questions, please contact IANWC election committee (ec@ianwc.ca)

Thanks and regards.
Sincerely yours,

Fateh Aleem
Chairman IANWC Election Committee