Eid-ul-Fitr Prayer Announcement with Parking Map

EID-ul-Fitr Prayer Announcement                                                                                           

As’salaam o Alaikum Community Members,

After more than 2 years of limited gatherings due to COVID, Alhamdulillah, IANWC is pleased to announce that this year, the EID-ul-Fitr prayers will be held at Red & White Club on the Eid day that will be announced later insha Allah. 3 Eid prayer sessions will be held as per below:

7:00 AM               Imam Tamer Mohamed

8:30 AM               Imam Umar Farooq

10:00 AM            Imam Iqbal Gora

Date: May 2nd

Venue: Red & White Club, 1833 Crowchild Trail NW, Calgary. See the map below.

There are NO registration requirements for attending the Eid prayers.

Parking will be FREE for Eid prayer attendees except for a few designated spots in the parking lot. In the below map, the area marked in GREEN is free parking. The area marked in RED is prohibited for vehicles. Please follow IANWC volunteer’s instructions in the parking lot.

Please come and join us at the Eid prayers with your friends and families insha Allah.

Islamic Association of North West Calgary (IANWC)

Location: Red & White Club, 1833 Crowchild Trail NW, Calgary