IANWC Board Election Update

Assalamualakum wa RahmatUllah, 

Further to our earlier correspondence dates Nov 15,2022 regarding the announcement of IANWC Board members election. We received the following four nominations within the given deadline.

1. Sister Shahnaz Munir

2. Brother Bilal Siddiqi

3. Brother Zulfiqar Agha

4. Brother Nadeem Paracha

Since we were having four vacant seats, and only four contestants came up, consequently all four persons mentioned above are being declared successful. No election will be held on 27th November,2022.

May Allah SWT help the new board members in fulfilling their duties and accept their efforts in serving the community and showers His blessings on them. Ameen.

Thanks and Warm Regards.

Election Committee

– Fateh Aleem‐Chair
– Sister Rafat Perveen-Member
– M.Ahmed Khursheed-Member