Citizenship in our communities and the responsibility we each have is a basic belief addressed in Islamic thought and practice and is supported by hadith as well as the Holy Qur’an. We are very much responsible for making an effort to produce significant change and impact in our lives, both within and around us. An example of how citizenship is encouraged in Islam can be seen in Jum’ah, or Friday, prayers. This collective gathering of the community provides the ideal opportunity to meet, inquire after each other, and network. The speech that is given before prayers also includes one dedicated to the affairs of the community locally and at large.

Being proactive members of our community begins within the framework of our families, and extends outward to our co-workers, colleagues, neighbours, friends, local community centres, and so forth. Our sense of belonging and obligation to the laws of the land will encourage future and current generations to work for a unified goal of citizenship, which benefits us all as individuals and as a collective whole.