IANWC Eid Prayer Location, Timing & Parking Instructions

As’salaam O Alikum Community Members,

As we prepare for Eid prayers tomorrow, please keep in mind that it’s a working day, and traffic on the roads and at the university campus is expected to be heavy. To ensure smooth and pleasant experience for us and others, please adhere to the following guidelines.

– Insha’Allah IANWC will hold four (4) Eid Prayers at Red & White Club.
– We encourage Carpooling to reduce traffic and parking challenges.
– Please make every effort to arrive before time to avoid any delays
– Parking is free in designated area.
– Park your vehicle only in designated Green Zone areas. Parking in Red Zone is strictly prohibited. For your convenience, refer to the attached map and prayer details.

Your cooperation in following these guidelines will contribute to positive experience for everyone.

Finally, is time of great excitement and joy for all of us, but not for our brothers and sisters in Palestine, let’s continue to make Dua’a for them.

Jazak Allah


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