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Jul 07
2024 Annual General Meeting Date

As'salaam O Alikum & Eid Mubarak to All Dear Community Members, Please join us in our Annual General… Learn more

Jun 16
Apr 10
IANWC Eid Prayer Location, Timing & Parking Instructions

As'salaam O Alikum Community Members,  As we prepare for Eid prayers tomorrow, please keep in mind that it's… Learn more

Apr 08
Apr 07
Mar 29
Mar 23
Community iftars

As’salaam o Alikum Sisters & Brothers, join us in two community iftars. As’salaam o Alikum Sisters & Brothers,… Learn more

Mar 10
Mar 08
Mar 01
Dec 03
Nov 24
Aug 25
Aug 19
Muslim Heritage Day 2023

ICNA Calgary, in association with MCC, MAC, and IISC is holding Muslim Heritage Day in Downtown Calgary on… Learn more

Jul 19
Election Nomination Forms

IANWC Election Nomination Form 2023 IANWC Election Candidate Declaration Form 2023 Learn more

Jul 07
Jul 03
Jun 30
Jun 28
Jun 18
Jun 17
Apr 21
Apr 19
Apr 10
Apr 08
3rd Community Iftar Invite at Ranchlands Musallah

Asalaam O Alaikum community members, Welcome back to the 3rd community iftar at the IANWC Ranchlands Musalla! Let's… Learn more

Apr 01
IANWC Youth Series-Kahoot Night

Assalam u Alaikum everyone! IANWC Youth is back with the 2nd event of our Ramadan series! Insha Allah… Learn more

Apr 01
2nd Community Iftar

As’salaam O Alikum Dear Community Member, In celebrating the holy month of Ramadan, we are pleased to invite… Learn more

Feb 17
Jan 06
Dec 25
2022 Volunteering-Snow Shovel

Join us to help shovel the snow in the Ranchlands community on December 25! The Prophet SAW taught… Learn more

Dec 18
Nov 11
Bi-Weekly Youth Halaqa Series-Gender Ideology

Are you someone that grew up Muslim or identifies as ‘culturally Muslim’ and has deep, unanswered questions about… Learn more

Oct 30
SPOTS FULL – Kids Fun Night

We want to apologies, all the spots are filled now. Learn more

Oct 28
Doubts & Desires

Are you someone that grew up Muslim or identifies as 'culturally Muslim' and has deep, unanswered questions about… Learn more

Oct 14
Bi-Weekly Youth Halaqa Series


Sep 23
Sep 17
Aug 28
Aug 27
Aug 21
Aug 20
Muslim Heritage Day 2022

As'salaam O Alikum Sisters & Brothers, Mark Your Calendars for August 20th 2022 in Olympic Plaza, Downtown Calgary.… Learn more

Aug 11
Jul 20
Movie Night for Boys

Please register by Clicking HERE Learn more

Jul 16
Movie Night for Girls

Please register by Clicking HERE Learn more

Jul 08
Jul 04
Qur’an & Islamic Studies 6 Week Summer Camp

Register here (required): Starting tomorrow! ONLY A FEW SPOTS LEFT ! The curriculum for the older age… Learn more

Jun 24
Event Cancelled: The Best 10 Days

As'salaam O Alikum Community Members Due to carpet replacement work at North West Musallah, Ranchlands, we are canceling… Learn more

Jun 05
Paintball Session

The IANWC is happy to introduce our first out-of-masjid summer activity! We will be going to Bragg Creek… Learn more

May 28
Youth Game Night

Game Night for Youth (Boys Age 12+) at IANWC, Ranchlands on Saturday May 28th. Please register by scanning… Learn more

May 27
May 15
May 02
Apr 30
Iftar Invite at Ranchlands Musallah

Confirm your attendance by registering using the link below Learn more

Apr 29
Boys’ Qiyam & Suhoor

To Register Please Click HERE Learn more

Apr 25
MCCRC Fundraising Iftar

Please join us in support of the MCCRC Learn more

Apr 21
Apr 15
Youth Halaqah & Iftar for Girls & Boys

Join us for a discussion on the virtues of fasting and a youth Iftar at Ranchlands Musallah on… Learn more

Apr 02
Iftar Sponsership

Donate by Clicking Here Learn more

Apr 02
Mar 20
Mar 19
Welcome Ramadan & Family Potluck

By Sheikh Tariq El Shayeb & Imam Iqbal Gora Learn more

Nov 12
Sep 26